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Meet our 2019 London Marathon Runners

Introducing the Walking With The Wounded London Marathon Team...

Not long to go until this year's London Marathon and we are thrilled to have a fantastic team of runners on board. 

They have been training extremely hard throughout the last few months in order to raise money for Walking With The Wounded - so give them a cheer, they are all doing amazingly. Read more about the team below...

1. Gilly Nickols

'My son Tom, a Welsh Guard, was part of the 2017 MdS Walking With The Wounded team. I wanted to undertake my own challenge to raise money for the charity. I am 56; I train Gundogs; I go to the gym; a few years ago I took part in a couple of Parkruns and ran two 10k races. But, I AM NOT A RUNNER! However, I love a challenge and having reached a bit of a middle aged crossroads this seems like the perfect new chapter! My daughter Sophie was a sprinter at school and my son Tom is a world class ultra runner. So hopefully there is something in my genetic makeup which will help me run!'

Read her blog here and take at a look at her fundraising page

2. Tim Stone 

'I am 56 years old and a former Royal Marine who had the privilege of serving between 1985 and 1993. I had some amazing experiences whilst serving in the forces, made some fantastic friends and learnt a great deal that has served me well in the years since. I have been fortunate enough to have had a good career, and life, since leaving the Royal Marines and I would now like to help those people who leave the services and may struggle to make their way back into civilian life to develop new careers and life outside of the services.'

Check out Tim's fundraising page here.

3. Alan Paisley

'After serving 23 years within the Royal Corps of Signals serving on several overseas Operations I was very fortunate to have had a good military career and transitioned smoothly into civilian life. However, many veterans have not been so fortunate and face struggles from their service and I would now like to help those people who struggle to make their way back into civilian life to develop new careers and life outside of the services.' 

Support Alan by taking a look at his fundraising page.

4. Jack Cresswell

Jack wanted to challenge himself for a noteworthy cause, check out his fundraising page here. 

5. David Stevens

David heard about Walking With The Wounded at one of his work charity days. 

'I think it is a very worthwhile cause and I can't think of a better way I could help to raise money.'

Take a look at David's fundrasing page here. 

6. Bruce Binks

'Having attended Welbeck College, I shall be starting training at RMAS in September 2019. I have multiple friends in older years who are currently serving. I wanted to waise money for a charity who may potentially be called upon to help friends and colleagues in the future.' 

You can support Bruce here. 

7. Louis Peek

'As some of you may know, and many may not, WWTW provided me with much needed support in 2017 which enabled me to be in a much better place, mentally, for which I am extremely grateful for. I would now like to take the opportunity to give something back so that more veterans, like myself, can receive the support that they need.'

Take a look at Louis' page here. 

If you feel inspired by any of our runners and are interested in running for Walking With The Wounded in next years London Marathon please register your interest by emailing your name and preferred email address to We also have limited spaces left for The Great North Run taking place on the 8th September, please get in contact if you'd like to join the WWTW team.