About the NCCP

WWTW and regional partners have been successful in securing funds from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to deliver a pilot project in the North East and North West of England.  The Northern Care Coordination Partnership (NCCP) will launch and trial a new, impactful and innovative service that can be replicated across the UK. WWTW recognise that for some services users, the route to care looks complex and often inaccessible. By providing an integrated care coordination service, the NCCP will ensure these individuals are provided the breadth of care they need, as well as providing support to their families and carers. NCCP will be an impactful and crucial service to a small cohort, which is highly ‘in need’.


WWTW will work with local service delivery partners, both in and outside the military charity sector, to support the veterans, families and carers who are in serious stress. This is a two year project, during which we aim to support around 225 service users.


***We are currently in the set up phase and the NCCP will launch in July. ***