WWTW Programmes

Our programmes each address a barrier to reintegrating back into society. Head Start supports those with mental health difficulties, Project Nova works with veterans in police custody, Home Straight with homeless veterans, or those at risk of being homeless and First Steps which provides access to the necessary training and qualifications required for their chosen civilian career. These programmes are complimented by sector specific projects like Step Into Health which provides a pathway for veterans into the NHS.


Our programmes work in harmony to support vulnerable, wounded, injured and sick veterans in their pathway to sustainable employment and regaining their independence.


For more information on each of the programmes please click on the relevant logos. 


Are you a veteran in need of our support? Please get in touch today either by email, info@wwtw.org.uk or phone, 01263 863 903 

Home Straight

Home Straight helps secure positive employment outcomes for unemployed veterans. Employment Advisors are embedded in veteran supported accommodation residences or with NHS regional veteran mental health teams helping unemployed veterans on the ‘Home Straight’ to finding employment and rebuilding their lives. Read more.

Project Nova

Project Nova identifies and supports those veterans caught up in a cycle of anti-social and criminal activity, to prevent further downward spiral and continued offending by supporting them back into mainstream society and long term employment. 

Head Start

Head Start is Walking With The Wounded’s programme to address the increasing needs of ex-service personnel suffering with mental injuries and sits alongside current provision through the NHS and other relevant charities.

Step into Health

The NHS is the largest employer in the country with over 300 potential career paths, over half of which are non clinical. In conjunction with The Royal Foundation, we have designed the first access pathway from the military into the numerous career opportunities in the NHS: Step into Health.

First Steps

Our First Steps programme supports wounded and vulnerable veterans to identify their new career path and gain the qualifications and tools necessary for them to make a successful move into sustainable civilian employment.